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Because being part of a crew is what makes rowing unique. Erg studio let's you create virtual studios to work out with others in real-time even if they are thousands of miles away.

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The world in your home

Forget working out alone in your shed, basement, or living room. Erg Studio connects you with rowers from across the globe. Join your friend from Sydney while sweating in your garden in Washington.


You also push harder when you see someone else do well? Whether it is competing with your friends or just the fact that someone else is also working out, Erg Studio gives you exactly that.


Maybe you started rowing at school, college, or university. But everyone has to graduate at some point. Find training partners or join with your crew to work out together.

Real-time data sharing between usersWorkout suggestions by coachesVisualises key metrics during workouts
Meaningful workout summariesReal-time cheering from spectatorsCreate personalised workouts
Real-time data sharing between usersWorkout historySynchronise starts using countdown timer
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  • Real-time data sharing between users
  • Synchronise starts using countdown timer
  • Create personalised workouts
  • Program PM5 through the app
  • Visualises key metrics during workouts
  • Smart summaries to compare and share results
  • Honourboard for completed workouts
  • Workout suggestions by coaches
  • Live streaming to friends or your crew
  • Real-time cheering from spectators
  • Workout history
  • Concept2 Logbook integration

For Clubs

Winter can be a time where not everyone can commit to the same schedule. With Erg Studio, create for your team a virtual club house and help your rowers stay fit during the break. Set up challenges to motivate members and keep that squad mentality going with our live cheering feature.

For Coaches

Coordinating your training should be easy and efficient for your crew. Using a private studio, you can publish the workout schedule for your squad, monitor their progress and even more importantly give them feedback on how to improve. Whether it's a 2000 m, 5000 m, or 30 minute test, Erg Studio's spectator view ranks your athletes in real-time to give them that extra boost of competition.



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Our public erg studio is and will always be free. It is a place where everyone is welcome, clubs, teams, and individuals alike.


  • Connected workouts
  • Workout programming
  • Studio countdown
  • Workout history
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Ideal for clubs and teams who want to coordinate their workouts and have a private area for their members.



  • Private studio
  • Shared workout plan
  • Racing view
  • Personal account

We offer a two weeks free trial and education discounts.

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